Microsoft ends observer role at OpenAI board


Microsoft has decided to step down from Sam Altman’s OpenAI board, citing that its observer seat is no longer necessary. This move comes after Microsoft took a non-voting role on the board when Sam Altman was reinstated as CEO of OpenAI last year. Despite having access to confidential information, Microsoft had no voting rights on key decisions.

The tech giant’s more than $10 billion investment in OpenAI and its observer status had raised concerns among antitrust watchdogs in various countries. However, Microsoft expressed confidence in OpenAI’s progress under the newly formed board, highlighting the startup’s new partnerships, innovations, and expanding customer base.

We have witnessed significant advancements by the board since Altman’s return to the company. With OpenAI’s growth and success, we believe our limited role as an observer is no longer needed, Microsoft stated.

The decision to step down from the board signals Microsoft’s support for OpenAI’s direction and development. The move also reflects the evolving dynamics within the tech industry and the need for strategic partnerships to drive innovation and growth.

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Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma
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