Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Reaches Remote Areas of India


Microsoft and OpenAI, two of the world’s most renowned technology conglomerates, recently collaborated to unveil ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. This momentous feat marks the beginning of a new era for AI technology, with its potential to redefine how information is accessed by users. Aiming to break the barriers between access to technology, Microsoft, along with OpenNyAI and AI4Bharat, have now introduced a chatbot titled Jugalbandi for the Indian populace.

Jugalbandi joins hands with the Indian government in order to close the gap between the 11% of people proficient in English and the majority 57% of preferred Hindi speakers. This goal is reached through the platform of WhatsApp, which is a widely recognized technology in India. By using language models from AIBharat and reasoning models from Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services, Jugalbandi provides villagers with feedback in multiple text and voice options of their local languages.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella believes that technology can make a difference for the entire 8 billion people of the world. Therefore, the company is doing its best to could ensure equitable growth and trust in technology by diffusing it in days and weeks, and not years and centuries.

Moreover, Microsoft is also having multiple collaborations with various Indian firms to provide information access for the Indian population. One of these firms is known as the Gram Vaani, an interactive voice-responsive platform that offers personalized assistance and advice to farmers. This platform is said to have already reached 3 million users from across northern and central India.

Microsoft wants to expand the reach of Jugalbandi and be of assistance to the local populace for a wider range of needs. Therefore, India is the best country to prove the might of this tech titan.

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