Microsoft and Apple Step Down from OpenAI Board Amid Regulatory Scrutiny


Microsoft and Apple have made the decision to step down from their positions on the Board of Directors of AI startup OpenAI, as reported by the news agency dpa. This move comes at a time of increased regulatory scrutiny surrounding generative AI technology in both Europe and the US.

Microsoft, which is the largest investor in OpenAI, has chosen to relinquish its role as an observer on the nonprofit board. The company initially took this non-voting seat in November of last year but now believes that it is no longer necessary, as significant progress has been made by the newly formed board.

Apple, on the other hand, had plans to join the Board following a recent AI development deal but has decided not to take its seat. This decision comes after Apple’s announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June regarding a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18.

OpenAI spokesperson Steve Sharpe expressed gratitude towards Microsoft for their confidence in the board and the company’s direction, emphasizing the importance of ongoing collaboration. The new approach being implemented by OpenAI involves regular stakeholder meetings with Microsoft and Apple to ensure strong collaboration across safety and security aspects.

These developments within OpenAI coincide with recent investigations by the European Commission into potential antitrust violations involving large digital market players and generative AI developers. Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI specifically is under scrutiny to determine its impact on market dynamics.

The decision by Microsoft and Apple to step down from their positions on the OpenAI Board highlights the evolving landscape of AI technology and the importance of regulatory oversight. As the industry continues to mature, partnerships and investments will be closely examined to ensure fair competition and innovation.

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