Let Microsoft Help You Create a Website Powered by Copilot AI


Microsoft has recently added AI capabilities to its Power Pages tool, a low-code website building app. This update features an AI-powered Copilot function, and it looks to shave time off of the development process for website creators.

Copilot in Power Pages includes features such as auto-generated tables in Microsoft Dataverse, virtual tables and Power Automate integration, and Copilot chatbot activation with generative answers. The goal of this update is to create a streamlined process that will allow businesses to quickly create detailed and secure forms and chatbots with intelligent suggestions for website visitors.

The tools are available in public preview in North America and developers will be able to gain access to AI-enabled features to better manage their webpages and create efficient, engaging experiences for their customers. Microsoft is also working on adding further features to the Power Pages app, such as page creation, site theming, and image generation which is set to release in summer 2023.

Microsoft is a multinational technology company that is based in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services, including software, hardware, and related services. Microsoft is one of the world’s largest software makers and is best known for its Windows operating system and Office suites.

Sangya Singh is the Vice President of Power Pages at Microsoft. She has been part of Microsoft since 2011, serving in a variety of roles including Senior Director of Brand and Product Marketing for Microsoft Office and Senior Director of Communications and Outreach for Microsoft Teams. She announced the Power Pages update at the Microsoft Build Conference and wrote about the feature in a blog post.

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