LBMC Joins Dayshape for AI-Powered Resource Management Revolution


Dayshape, a cutting-edge AI-powered resource management software company, has recently partnered with LBMC, a leading US accounting and business consulting firm, to revolutionize centralized resource management with the integration of advanced AI technology. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing LBMC’s centralized resource management approach within its audit services.

LBMC, known for its innovative strategies and commitment to evolution, has recognized the need for a more integrated resource management system and has chosen to leverage Dayshape’s intelligent platform to achieve this goal. With five offices and over 900 team members, LBMC has experimented with both centralized and decentralized resource management models in the past but has faced challenges in visibility and collaboration across teams. The partnership with Dayshape aims to address these challenges and establish a more sophisticated centralized system.

Dayshape’s advanced features, such as two AI scheduling modes (Assist and Advise), offer optimized task allocation, improved employee morale, and enhanced career development. By considering factors like skills, certifications, work preferences, and utilization rates, Dayshape enables LBMC to achieve a balance between work-life quality, exceptional client service, and smart decision-making.

Moreover, Dayshape’s live engagement financials provide LBMC with real-time budget and actual comparisons, streamlining engagement performance assessment and offering a comprehensive view of data for improved analysis and utilization rates. LBMC’s leadership, including Operations Manager Ruthie Rooks and Shareholder and Audit Leader Chad Milom, has shown enthusiasm for Dayshape’s user-friendly interface and service quality, underscoring the potential impact of this partnership in revolutionizing centralized resource management.

Overall, the integration of Dayshape’s AI technology with LBMC represents a significant milestone in the evolution of resource management practices within the professional services industry. Through this collaboration, LBMC is poised to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and empower its management team for more informed decision-making, ultimately leading to improved client service delivery and employee satisfaction.

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