Lawyer accused of using ChatGPT for illegal purposes.


A New York lawyer has come forward admitting to using ChatGPT in a legal case and is now facing charges. The situation emerged when a judge discovered a deposition that referenced legal cases that did not actually exist.

The attorney had previously claimed that his client had billed for more hours of work than was accurate. In order to support his client’s claim, the lawyer used ChatGPT to fabricate fake legal cases to make it appear as though the extra time billed was legitimate. This approach backfired when the judge realized that the cases were not legitimate.

Using AI to create false information in a legal setting is a serious offense and could have major consequences for the lawyer. The court is currently determining what punishment is appropriate.

The incident raises concerns about the potential for AI to be used in similar ways to distort the truth and obstruct justice. It also highlights the importance of ensuring that AI technology used in legal cases is properly monitored and regulated to ensure it is not misused.

The case serves as a warning to legal professionals that they must remain vigilant in their use of technology, particularly in situations where AI can be used to misrepresent or falsify information. It is crucial for lawyers and legal firms to exercise extreme caution when using AI in legal matters to prevent any breach of ethical or legal standards.

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