Italy: Garante Agrees to Lift Ban if OpenAI Meets Requirements


On April 12th, 2023 the Italian Data protection Authority or Garante announced that OpenAI L.L.C, which administers ChatGPT, will have until the 30th of April to comply with the requirements laid out by the Garante to obtain a temporary ban lifted on OpenAI, in order to process the personal data of Italian data subjects, and make it once again available to the public in Italy. Specifically, OpenAI will be required to meet certain obligations before they can be granted a suspension.

OpenAI L.L.C. is a multibillion-dollar Artificial intelligence (AI) research and development company, co-founded by tech-entrepreneurs Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Greg Brockman, amongst others. OpenAI is committed to advancing Artificial Intelligence principles, practices, and technology with the long-term goal of benefiting humanity as a whole.

Greg Brockman, the Executive of Technology at OpenAI, has extensive knowledge in software engineering and development. In the early stages of his career, he worked as a senior engineer at Apple and Dropbox, amongst several other tech-related roles since graduating from Harvard University in 2003. He took over from Sam Altman as OpenAI’s CEO in 2017 and has since propelled OpenAI’s vision to the next level.

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