Interpreters vs. AI: Which is Faster and Better at Translation?


Pro Interpreters vs. AI Challenge: Who Translates Faster and Better?

Inaccurate interpretation can lead to major differences in conveying messages to audiences, which is why experts in the field of interpreting have always been in demand. But with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the need for human interpreters is being challenged. A recent study conducted by NBC News evaluated the accuracy of speech-to-speech translation by humans and AI, and the results were fascinating.

The study involved a 2021 speech by Colombian President, Gustavo Petro, which dealt with topical issues such as the impact of the pandemic on citizens. The speech was evaluated by both human interpreters and AI. While the human interpreter struggled with certain terminologies, the AI was quite proficient in translating phrases and commonly used idioms. However, the human interpreter fared better in conveying the overall emotion of the speech accurately.

During the study, it was noted that one of the major strengths of the AI was its ability to capture terms of art accurately. It could identify and translate such terms better than human interpreters, which is a huge plus when interpreting legal or technical documents. However, when it came to conveying the metaphorical language used by humans, the AI struggled.

The AI produced interpretations that were structured like complete thoughts and read like a list of points. It struggled to understand context and the overall emotion behind the speech. This is where human interpreters have a distinct edge over AI. They can process information and serve it up to the listener in a language they understand. They can convey the intended message, taking into account the nuances of language and the underlying emotions.

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In conclusion, it is important to understand that AI is not a replacement for human interpreters. While AI has its benefits, its limitations must also be acknowledged. It can be a helpful tool in certain situations where the language used is simple and has no high level of consequence for mistakes. But for situations that require precise interpretation, human interpreters would always be the better choice.

As we continue to see the growth of AI and its potential impact, it is important to find ways to use it constructively while being careful not to rely too heavily on it. By understanding its limitations and strengths and using it alongside human interpreters, we can benefit from this tool. A flexible approach towards AI can help us achieve better interpretation outcomes in a world that demands high levels of flexibility and adaptability.

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