IBM Expands AI Software on AWS Marketplace to South Africa


IBM has announced an expansion of its software availability on the AWS Marketplace to South Africa. With this move, IBM aims to make its AI products more accessible to customers in the region. This partnership allows IBM to leverage the AWS platform to reach a wider audience and provide innovative solutions.

By offering its software on the AWS Marketplace in South Africa, IBM is positioning itself to cater to the growing demand for AI technologies in the market. This expansion underscores IBM’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge software solutions to customers globally.

The collaboration between IBM and AWS presents a significant opportunity for businesses in South Africa to leverage IBM’s advanced AI software. This strategic move is expected to drive digital transformation and enhance the competitiveness of organizations in the region.

Overall, IBM’s decision to expand its software availability on the AWS Marketplace to South Africa reflects the company’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of customers and fostering technological advancement in the region.

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Advait Gupta
Advait Gupta
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