IBM Executive Advocates for Ethical AI Deployment at Mobile World Congress


At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a senior executive from IBM emphasized the crucial role that ethical considerations play in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. GenAI, IBM’s AI initiative, has moved beyond mere hype to practical applications, with ongoing trials exploring its potential across various sectors and industries.

During the event, the executive highlighted the evolving landscape of AI applications, particularly focusing on the use of large and small language models. Small language models allow for AI capabilities tailored to specific domains, marking a significant advancement in practical implementation.

The discussion at the congress revolved around the importance of governance and trust in AI utilization. The executive stressed the need for AI applications to operate within ethical boundaries, emphasizing the responsibility of organizations to ensure both efficacy and ethical integrity in each use case.

For effective governance of AI within organizations, an internal board has been established to evaluate policies, processes, and procedures related to AI deployment. This board plays a critical role in scrutinizing the ethical implications of each use case, maintaining ethical standards throughout the organization’s AI initiatives.

Data integrity was also highlighted as a key aspect of AI applications, with organizations advised to carefully examine data sources to address privacy concerns and protect intellectual property rights. Understanding the origin of data, especially in specialized domains, is crucial for ensuring ethical compliance.

Organizations were further encouraged to assess data for biases or inappropriate content before employing it in AI applications. The executive emphasized the significance of embedding ethical standards within the corporate culture to govern behavior effectively.

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As AI technology continues to advance across industries, the focus on ethical considerations becomes increasingly vital. IBM’s commitment to promoting ethical AI practices and advocating for responsible deployment was reiterated, underscoring the importance of robust governance frameworks, data integrity evaluations, and fostering a culture of ethical responsibility within organizations.

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