How OpenAI is Rewarding Researchers who Find their Security Flaws


Open AI has launched a new bug bounty program, offering up to $20,000 for finding security flaws in their popular ChatGPT AI writer. This groundbreaking development is a major leap forward in OpenAI’s efforts to create a more transparent and collaborative environment for ethical hackers and technology enthusiasts alike. The bug bounty program is set to range from $200 for low-severity findings to the full $20,000, with participants asked to focus on vulnerabilities, bugs, and security flaws.

The team behind Open AI is none other than the famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, Elon Musk. Musk is well known for all his game-changing projects and tech initiatives, from Tesla to SpaceX. He continues to push boundaries through open source projects like Open AI by allowing for free and open collaboration on the future of AI.

OpenAI is urging findings on potential vulnerabilities within the Chat GPT and other OpenAI models, as well as their API’s, keys, and targets. They’ve provided a dedicated page on Bugcrowd to handle submissions and rewards, as-well-as a separate form for submitting “model safety issues” which due to the complexity of research are not within the scope of the bug bounty program.

Overall, this is an important step in opening up the technology and promoting an environment of collaboration and responsibility. Open AI’s bug bounty program can act as an example for other platforms and companies on the importance of recognizing any potential bugs and security issues within their system and taking steps to quickly address them. This program should serve as motivation for all participants to ensure the integrity of Open AI’s code and promote the security of all users.

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