Hailo Unveils Energy-Efficient Gen AI Chip for Edge Devices, Raises $120M


Hailo, an Israeli startup, is stepping up to challenge Nvidia in the AI accelerator space with its new energy-efficient gen AI accelerator for edge devices. The Hailo-10 processor is designed to bring generative AI applications to devices like cars and robots without relying on cloud data centers, promising better performance, cost savings, and energy efficiency.

The company also announced an additional $120 million in funding to support its continued growth and the development of its cutting-edge AI technology. This funding round, led by a mix of new and existing investors, values Hailo at $1.2 billion, marking a significant milestone for the company.

Hailo’s CEO, Orr Danon, highlighted the potential of the new Hailo-10 processor to revolutionize how gen AI is deployed on edge devices. By running gen AI services directly on devices, Hailo-10 overcomes the limitations of cloud computing, allowing for real-time AI applications with minimal latency and power consumption.

With the ability to deliver up to 40 tera operations per second (TOPS), Hailo-10 sets a new standard for edge AI accelerators. While Nvidia remains a key player in the space with its Jetson modules, Hailo is confident in the performance and cost advantages of its new processor compared to Nvidia’s offerings.

The Hailo-10 processor is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2024, initially targeting PC and auto infotainment applications. As Hailo continues to work with global customers across various industries, the possibilities for gen AI on edge devices are expanding rapidly. From marketing content generation to AI-powered robotics, Hailo is poised to unlock new frontiers in AI technology.

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