Grameenphone CEO Utilizes AI for Superior Customer Experiences Across Bangladesh


Grameenphone CEO Yasir Azman is dedicated to enhancing the network experience for customers across Bangladesh through the Pothe Pothe initiative. In his recent tour of various districts, Azman highlighted the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide superior network services.

By utilizing AI, Grameenphone aims to predict customer usage patterns and efficiently meet network demands, ensuring an enhanced customer experience. This technology is not only being implemented in urban areas but also in remote regions to reach a wider customer base.

Azman’s direct interactions with customers, retailers, distributors, and field staff have provided valuable insights into improving services on the ground. Through the use of AI and advanced technologies, Grameenphone strives to meet customer expectations and deliver superior service consistently.

The company’s focus on utilizing advanced technology underscores its contribution to creating a Smart Bangladesh by meeting the diverse needs of its customer base efficiently. Grameenphone’s dedication to providing superior network services through AI technology reflects its commitment to enhancing customer experiences nationwide.

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Jai Shah
Jai Shah
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