Google Launches Gemma AI Models With Nvidia Partnership


Google has recently unveiled its latest open-source artificial intelligence models, named Gemma, aimed at supporting developers and researchers in building AI applications responsibly. This new family of lightweight models, based on the advanced technology utilized for the Gemini models, comes with a Responsible Generative AI Toolkit to assist in developing safer AI applications with Gemma.

The Gemma models, available in two sizes – Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, have pre-trained and instruction-tuned variants suitable for running on laptops, workstations, or Google Cloud. Google has also collaborated with Nvidia, a prominent chip manufacturer, to optimize Gemma for their graphics processing units (GPUs).

This launch follows closely on the heels of Google’s introduction of Gemini 1.5, previously known as the generative AI chatbot Bard. Gemma is set to be released globally starting Wednesday, offering a new avenue for developers and researchers to explore the capabilities of these cutting-edge AI models.

With the innovative Gemma models and their features, Google aims to provide a valuable resource for the AI community, enabling users to leverage AI technology effectively and responsibly. The collaboration with Nvidia further enhances the performance of Gemma, showcasing Google’s commitment to advancing the field of artificial intelligence.

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Advait Gupta
Advait Gupta
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