German Chancellor Urges Fair Trade with China Amid Economic Struggles


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently visited China to address concerns about Chinese state subsidies impacting trade with the European Union (EU). During his three-day trip, he met with top Chinese officials, including CCP leader Xi Jinping and Premier Li Qiang, to discuss trade and foreign policy issues.

Scholz emphasized the need for fair competition and better market access for German companies in China, highlighting the importance of addressing structural difficulties caused by unilateral economic policy decisions in the country. He urged for processes to tackle concerns over Chinese state subsidies impacting trade and suggested that the World Trade Organization could play a role in facilitating this.

While Scholz acknowledged the importance of the Chinese market for Germany, he also pressed for improvements in business conditions, including equal market access, protection of intellectual property, and a reliable legal system for German firms in China. The chancellor’s visit resulted in China lifting restrictions on imports of beef and apples from Germany, indicating progress in addressing some trade barriers.

Despite China being an essential market for Germany, Scholz emphasized the need for fair competition and raised concerns about structural difficulties faced by German and European companies due to China’s economic policies. The visit highlighted ongoing efforts to strengthen economic ties between the two countries while addressing concerns about market access and trade practices.

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