Exploring the Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in Architecture: Inflatable Skyscrapers


This article gives us a glimpse into the potential future of architecture powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Designers and architects from Barcelona-based architecture practice Zumo have devised a concept of inflatable skyscrapers, using a text-to-image model. This predicts how such structures could look in a future cityscape, resembling illuminated balloons soaring in the sky.

The key advantages of such buildings are their sustainability. As inflatables, they can be transported easily and their environmental footprint is less than traditionally built structures. It is of no surprise then, that industry experts have taken notice and utilize AI in their projects, using it as a source of inspiration and to create visuals that engage clients and to take on menial tasks.

However, the notion of AI in architecture is becoming increasingly controversial. Three artists launched a class action lawsuit against companies that use AI-generated images, alleging that they violated the rights of artists without obtaining consent first. By training their tools on pictures found online, these companies profit from the work of these artists, both past and also, potentially, future.

Zumo is a Barcelona-based architectural practice founded in 2020 by Andre Sashko and Alessandro Lussignoli. Their mission is to use classic knowledge and technology to create new forms of construction, and the AI-driven inflatable skyscrapers are a demonstration of this. Additionally, Zumo’s efforts in researching this concept has opened the door to discussions about the implications of AI in the industry and should not be overlooked as an innovative moment in architecture.

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