Ansible Lightspeed Revolutionizes IT Automation with Innovative Generative AI From Red Hat


Red Hat is taking the use of generative AI in IT automation a step further by introducing Ansible Lightspeed. This tool uses IBM’s Code Assistant and models to streamline the work process, reducing the need for manual intervention. By simply describing a process, customers can create automated workflows using the Ansible automation language. Thomas Anderson, vice president and general manager of the Ansible business unit, revealed how the new product works. He said that the AI model is trained on Ansible’s language, as well as other elements to make building automations easier.

Red Hat’s collaboration with IBM helps make the tool more efficient. Both the open source and enterprise versions of Ansible Lightspeed will become available later this year. The new tool is expected to reduce the skills gap in the IT industry by helping experts become more productive, while new IT personnel can learn and use the Ansible automation language without becoming experts.

In addition, Red Hat announced Event-driven Ansible, which is designed to help automate more complex developer and SRE tasks. This product is now generally available.

IBM is Red Hat’s parent company after acquiring the company in 2018 for $34 billion. Red Hat and IBM operate separately, but this partnership allows Red Hat to quickly release a generative AI product. Thomas Anderson is the vice president and general manager of the Ansible business unit at Red Hat. He holds years of experience in the tech industry and has been a leader in Red Hat’s plan to bring more automation and AI to enterprise customers.

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