Experts Push for Digital Health Tech in Cancer Fight at E3 Conference


Health experts around the world are advocating for the integration of digital health technologies in the fight against cancer. During the recent E3 international cancer conference in Kigali, Rwanda, professionals highlighted the importance of utilizing tools like artificial intelligence, endoscopic imaging, and virtual reality to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

One of the key benefits of these technologies is the potential to enhance early cancer detection accuracy to over 90%, surpassing traditional diagnostic methods. Experts emphasized the crucial role of investing in early detection through screening to catch the disease at a more manageable stage.

The conference, themed Bridging the Gap: Advancing Cancer Care, Research, and Education in Africa, brought together global participants to discuss the future of cancer care on the continent. The focus was on addressing disparities, fostering collaboration, and driving transformative changes to combat cancer effectively.

Albert Tuyishime, from the Rwanda Biomedical Center, stressed the importance of raising awareness and promoting early detection efforts to improve cancer survival rates in Africa. By educating the public and healthcare providers about the risks and symptoms of cancer, steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of developing the disease.

In 2022, the World Health Organization reported an estimated 20 million new cancer cases and 9.7 million cancer-related deaths worldwide. In Africa, cancer is a significant cause of mortality, with key risk factors such as tobacco use, physical inactivity, and poor diets contributing to its rising prevalence on the continent.

As experts and professionals continue to explore innovative solutions for cancer prevention and treatment, the integration of digital health technologies is seen as a promising approach to revolutionize cancer care globally.

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