EU Demands Microsoft’s Internal Data on Generative AI Risks + Fines Threatened


The European Union is putting pressure on tech giant Microsoft to provide internal documents related to the risks posed by generative artificial intelligence (AI) on its search engine Bing. The EU has warned Microsoft of potential fines if they fail to comply with the request ahead of the upcoming elections in the 27-country bloc.

Brussels has raised concerns about the use of generative AI, such as ‘Copilot in Bing’ and ‘Image Creator by Designer,’ as a threat to the integrity of the elections scheduled for June 6-9. The European Commission previously requested information from Bing, Google Search, TikTok, and YouTube regarding the measures taken to address AI risks, but Microsoft’s response was deemed insufficient.

Microsoft now has until May 27 to provide the necessary internal documents and data to the EU. Failure to do so could result in fines of up to one percent of the company’s total annual income, with additional penalties of up to five percent for ongoing non-compliance.

The EU has concerns about potential breaches of the Digital Services Act (DSA) by Bing, particularly related to the dissemination of false information and deepfakes through generative AI. Microsoft has stated its commitment to cooperating with the European Commission and addressing the issues raised regarding its approach to digital safety and compliance with the DSA.

The European Commission is closely monitoring Microsoft’s activities in the AI sector, including its investments in OpenAI and partnerships with other AI-focused companies. Microsoft’s growing influence in the field of AI has raised questions about its compliance with EU regulations and potential anti-competitive practices.

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In response to the EU’s demands, Microsoft has reiterated its dedication to mitigating risks associated with AI across its platforms. The company’s cooperation with regulators and commitment to transparency will be crucial in addressing the concerns raised by the European Commission.

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