Enhancing Teradata and Dataiku Partnership to Speed up Enterprise AI Initiatives


Teradata has announced the deepening of its integration with Dataiku, aiming to help enterprises rapidly deploy and accelerate their AI projects. The expanded capabilities allow users to access and execute certain analytic functions from Teradata Vantage in the Dataiku platform, simplifying the ML prediction pipeline.

The integration connects both platforms, and gives users of Dataiku access to Teradata features such as data preparation, feature engineering, machine learning, time series and digital signal processing. This integration helps save time, reduces complexities and builds a secure connection to quickly move from ML pilot projects to production mode.

Teradata’s Vantage platform provides businesses with a modern analytics solution. It offers a mix of open source and commercial analytic technologies for a smooth analysis and implementation of actionable insights. Dataiku, on the other hand, acts as a central workspace for data exploration and the development and management of AI applications.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant recently named Teradata a leader in cloud database management systems due to its financial governance & price predictability. Teradata’s Q1 2023 results showed a 4% growth in recurring revenue, leading to high levels of gross profit and free cash flow.

Hillary Ashton, chief product officer at Teradata, expressed the company’s optimism about the development, and the value they are providing to customers while speaking to VentureBeat. Ashton shared that customers are already taking advantage of the integration and they look forward to providing further insight on the results.

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