DoorSpace Deploys AI OCR Technology to Revolutionize Healthcare Operations


DoorSpace has recently introduced cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to revolutionize healthcare operations within organizations. Using AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) technology, DoorSpace aims to automate the process of credentialing data, enhancing efficiency and accuracy when recording and storing important company and clinician information.

The innovative AI-driven OCR technology can recognize various fonts, languages, and writing styles, including handwritten text. This feature enables hospital files, often handwritten and kept in physical form onsite, to be effortlessly transferred and securely stored in the cloud. By automating this process, healthcare organizations can save numerous hours previously spent on manual data entry, providing administrators and healthcare professionals with a streamlined and easily accessible source of information.

DoorSpace CEO, Sarah M. Worthy, highlights the impact of this solution on healthcare workers, emphasizing the significant time savings it offers by eliminating repetitive manual tasks. The technology reads data more accurately than human input, securely storing information in a user-friendly manner for easy access by administrators and executives.

Physician Executive Paul Bergeron praises DoorSpace’s dedication to organizing and securing healthcare data, emphasizing the emotional value of having information readily available in a secure location. The focus is on supporting clinicians who already face burnout and high levels of stress in their roles.

The AI technology functions by allowing administrators to upload physical documents such as licenses and credentials, which are then processed by the OCR program to convert them into digital format. These digital files can be easily shared, accessed, and stored within DoorSpace’s secure system, reducing errors caused by manual data entry.

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According to CRO and Co-founder Brian White, the implementation of AI technology aims to address the common errors in healthcare documents attributed to human mistakes. By reducing errors to less than one percent, DoorSpace’s goal is to enhance operational efficiency in healthcare organizations by leveraging AI technology.

As DoorSpace prepares to launch additional AI modules later this year, the ongoing objective remains to transform and improve healthcare operations using advanced technological solutions. The deployment of AI in healthcare management underscores the company’s commitment to optimizing processes and supporting healthcare professionals in their critical roles.

In conclusion, DoorSpace’s integration of cutting-edge AI technology marks a significant advancement in healthcare operations, offering a more efficient and accurate approach to managing essential data within organizations. Through the automation of credentialing processes and secure storage of information, DoorSpace aims to streamline operations and improve the overall effectiveness of healthcare organizations.

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