Dispersion Capital Announces $40M Fund Investment towards Decentralized Infrastructure Solutions


Dispersion Capital, an early-stage venture firm, recently announced the launch of a $40 million fund aimed to back foundational web3 infrastructure. These investments will focus on specific layers of web3, including fintech and gaming infrastructure, security, data, and platforms challenging legacy industries.

The fund has already invested in 20 different companies, and has received follow-on financing since the initial investments.

Patrick Chang, founder and managing partner of Dispersion Capital, is a seasoned veteran with extensive web3 credentials. He previously led Samsung Next’s blockchain investments and was involved in defining investments into groundbreaking web3 startups, such as Dapper, Flow, and Alchemy.

The fund has received support from notable web2 and web3 pioneers, including Faction, Lightspeed, Wemade, Circle Ventures, Ripple, Alchemy Ventures, Hashkey, Cherubic Ventures, Forte, NGC, and individual GPs at top venture firms.

Patrick Chang stated, “The ability of developers to create groundbreaking applications with web3 is limited due to the immaturity of the infrastructure. We want to provide the necessary support to create robust and comprehensive infrastructure for web3 developers.”

The fund has received much acclaim from industry veteran, Brendon Kim, Managing Director and Head of Investments at Samsung Next. He commented, “Patrick was key in establishing Samsung Next’s early presence in the web3 and blockchain space. His tenacity and commitment in this space resonated with us and helped us make those critical early investments into Dapper Labs, Flow, Alchemy, and Forte.”

About Dispersion Capital

Dispersion Capital is an early-stage venture firm focused on pioneering a multi-chain, multi-currency, and multi-platform world. They are dedicated to investing in the foundational technologies necessary for decentralized businesses, such as tools for developers to deploy these networks. They believe in the potential for ChatGPT to bring the transformative power of blockchain technology to the world. To learn more visit dispersion.xyz.

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