Contractor+ Launches Regulation Crowdfunding Seed Round for Revolutionary AI Technology


Contractor+ Launches Reg CF Round on Wefunder, Introducing Revolutionary AI Technology to Field Service Management

Contractor+, a trailblazing B2B SaaS/field service management solution for home improvement contractors, is thrilled to announce the initiation of its Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) seed round on Wefunder. This strategic funding opportunity marks a significant milestone for the company as it aims to accelerate its growth, strengthen its market position, and transition towards a significant Series A round within the next two years.

With a robust Annual and Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), along with additional monthly one-time revenue, Contractor+ has consistently exceeded growth expectations, boasting an impressive Month-over-Month growth rate of 12%. The company’s expansion is further amplified by the addition of industry veterans to its board, including experts from Teel Mountain Capital, who successfully exited Bluestone Analytics to CACI, and a member who achieved success through the exit of Brink Software.

However, the upcoming funding round is not solely focused on financial advancements but also on technological innovations. Contractor+ is set to revolutionize the industry with its revolutionary Contractors Assistant AI, a patent-pending technology. This cutting-edge tool is designed to enhance the daily operations of contractors through intelligent and data-driven insights, setting new standards for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

CEO of Contractor+, expressed his vision for incorporating AI into their services, stating, At Contractor+, we are not just developing software; we are actively shaping the future of the industry. Our patent-pending Contractors Assistant AI is a game-changer, offering unparalleled efficiency and strategic insights. This Reg CF round will expedite our development, enabling us to introduce this revolutionary tool to our users and redefine excellence in the field service management sector.

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Investors now have a unique opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking venture by contributing through a convertible note offering. The note offers a 9.75% interest rate, a 25% discount, and is based on a robust valuation. Moreover, early investors are rewarded with a 10% discount on the valuation, emphasizing the company’s commitment to those who support its vision from the beginning.

As Contractor+ embarks on this ambitious journey, it welcomes investors who share its vision for innovation and excellence. With a formidable team, a proven growth trajectory, and a revolutionary AI technology on the horizon, Contractor+ offers not just an investment opportunity, but a valuable partnership in shaping the future of field service management.

About Contractor+:
Contractor+ is a leading provider of field service management solutions, offering unrivaled tools and resources for home improvement contractors. Committed to innovation, efficiency, and superior service delivery, Contractor+ is dedicated to elevating operational standards and enhancing customer experiences in the construction industry.

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