Company’s Tech Support Improved and Staff Retention Increased After Adopting ChatGPT


In a recent study conducted by MIT and Stanford researchers, it was reported that when a large enterprise company adopted a customized version of the AI-powered ChatGPT tool, their IT support staff improved significantly in their performance, leading to better customer satisfaction and an overall decrease in employee turnover.

The company, who chose to remain anonymous, allowed their customer service representatives to interact with customers via an online chat window, while the ChatGPT tool algorithim would simultaneously assist in responding to the customer’s inquiry by generating solutions based off of previous successful experiences by more experienced employees. The AI was trained on the company’s highest rated previous customer service conversations, and this allowed the new representatives to quickly and effectively answer customer inquiries without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

According to the study’s report, there is evidence supporting the idea that AI technology can be used to help make employees of all levels more efficient and effective in their jobs. Erik Brynjolfsson, one of the researchers from Stanford, stated that this system was able to take employees with only two months of experience and enable them to perform at the same level as people who had six months of training.

While AI technology can be incredibly useful in increasing job satisfaction and efficiency, it can also create worries about potential job losses. There have been reports of organizations banning the use of AI altogether due to concerns over it replacing existing jobs. However, in this case AI serves to enhance existing roles and not to replace them.

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OpenAI has also published a list of jobs that AI technology could never replace, such as human healthcare, teaching and creative writing. With this in mind, it’s clear that AI can be an incredibly useful tool for companies and employees alike, but only when it’s used correctly. While it won’t replace jobs, it can be used to make certain roles more efficient and help workers to excel in their profession.

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