ChatGPT Generative Artificial Intelligence Feature Integration for Verified Physicians and Providers on Tell™ Social Media App


Tell Health Inc., a health-focused social media app, recently launched its new generative artificial intelligence (AI) feature developed in collaboration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT software. The goal of this integration was to empower physicians and other verified providers to easily convert medical labeling into an understandable format accessible by the general public. This feature provides physicians with a more efficient content creation process, while ensuring that users of the app have equitable access to understandable medical information.

Alan Gaffney, M.D., Ph.D., Tell co-founder and practicing physician, highlighted the importance of the app in ensuring that users receive trustworthy health information. He emphasized that “complex medical jargon can make it difficult for people to find accurate health information, leading users to rely on influencers with no medical training instead.” Tell Health sought to solve this issue by incorporating the ChatGPT software into their app.

Tell Health also made sure to focus on inclusivity, and lessening barriers that prevent people from receiving the medical care that they need. Iannucci, Tell’s Strategic Advisor, articulated the team’s aim to make Tell the go-to source for trusted health information by incorporating AI to help physicians and providers find language that is easy to understand.

Tell Health is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play, as well as encouraging healthcare providers to join and apply for Verified Provider Status. Founded by a physician and an engineer, the mission of Tell Health is to provide the public with accurate health information to empower users for a healthier life.

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