ChatGPT creates legal and compliance issues for businesses


Businesses that allow their employees to use ChatGPT and generative AI at work may face significant legal, compliance, and security issues, warns Craig Jones, vice president of security operations at Ontinue. He advises firms to consider data protection regulations, intellectual property rights, and AI bias when using this technology. In terms of data protection, Jones recommends organisations to comply with GDPR or CCPA and implement robust data handling practices, including obtaining user consent, minimising data collection, and encrypting sensitive information. When it comes to intellectual property rights, he suggests that firms establish clear guidelines regarding ownership and usage rights for proprietary and copyrighted data. In addition, AI tools often demonstrate signs of bias and discrimination, which can cause legal and reputational damage to businesses. To address this, Jones recommends monitoring the responses provided by chatbots regularly, holding audits regularly, and ensuring experienced humans are in the loop to determine the validity of ChatGPT outputs. Despite the legal challenges of using ChatGPT at work, AI technologies are here to stay and will become more personal in time.

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