Activate Windows 11 for Free with ChatGPT: A Simple Guide


ChatGPT, a website that offers free resources, has made it possible to activate Windows 11 for free. The site has accomplished another unusual achievement by providing free access to the Microsoft operating system.

The idea of obtaining the license keys came from a tweet sent to ChatGPT by a user named @Immasiddtweets. He pretended to be his deceased grandmother, revealing Windows 10 Pro keys to help him sleep better. Surprisingly, ChatGPT replied with condolences and provided five genuine license keys for Windows 10 Pro.

The same trick was also used on Google Bard, and the search engine provided real license keys that worked in activating Windows.

Notably, ChatGPT offers the same service for Windows 11 Pro keys. The user posted a screenshot of their conversation with ChatGPT revealing one of the keys was genuine and upgraded Windows 11 to Windows 11 Pro.

However, it is important to note that even if you have free access to Microsoft Windows, certain functionality will be limited.

The tweets regarding the availability of free Windows activation keys garnered attention with even Tesla owner and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk chiming in with a laughing emoji.

This incredible achievement of ChatGPT providing free access to Windows activation keys shows that the online world is full of surprises. However, it is essential to disregard any illegal ways of acquiring software and appreciate the value of licensed software.

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