Chatbots Utilizing ChatGPT Technology for Enhanced Responses


ChatGPT is an upcoming tech that revolutionizes the way AI-powered bots interact with people. It is free to use and its main differentiator is that it helps with more specialized requests than the general chatbots available on the market. For instance, Duolingo now has Duolingo Max, a chatbot that provides help with language learning, and GrammarlyGo writes blog posts, emails, proposals and social media posts that accurately reflects the writing style of the user. Moreover, Expedia offers a plugin to the chatbot giant for hassle-free travel plans and My AI assists Snapchatters with finding gifts, planning trips and recipe searching.

OpenAI is the company behind the technology and it continuously strives to improve the chatbot’s capabilities. Nevertheless, the free usage of it comes with a tradeoff, therefore, it is essential to be aware of the safety measures while operating on this platform.

It is notable to mention Shakir Mohamed, the leading scientist that pioneered the ChatGPT technology and developed its core components. With this genius software he is potentially saving companies considerable maintenance and development costs, making it a viable and lucrative option for businesses. All this, without sacrificing the innate and unique capabilities of the chatbot.

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