Celebrity Saree Draper Charges Rs 1.10 Lakh – Desis’ Astonishment Over Price


Hold onto your sarees, folks! Recently, a video shared on Instagram made waves after showcasing a meeting between career counselor Kanchan Nanda Ralhan and a professional saree drapist, Dolly Jain. She revealed that her services cost an astonishing Rs 1.10 lakh per 10-minute session.

To the astonishment of many, Dolly Jain comes from humble beginnings in Kolkata. What started as a passion of styling dolls in her childhood developed into an impressive career that now holds records in the Limca Book of Records and the India Book of Records for her incredible saree draping skills.

The video has garnered mixed reactions from the Desi community, with some feeling privileged to pay for this unique skill whereas others being appalled at the costs being charged.

The Specific Ask is a career-focused podcast by Rishabh Aggarwal, where he interviews individuals from various fields. It is fast becoming the go-to source to know more about career prospects and avenues of professional growth.

Dolly Jain is a celebrity saree drapist who has been developing and honing her craft for years. She has mastered intricate saree draping techniques with professional proficiency. She even has a page highlighting her busy schedule, befitting her exalted status in the industry.

Her journey of mastering this art form started with a simple hobby of styling her dolls as a child in Kolkata. And now, she is being recognized and appreciated for her exceptional work and skill.

The debate surrounding her 1.10 lakh per 10-minute session fee will likely continue for a long time, but what cannot be denied is the sheer talent and professionalism of Dolly Jain. A Job that ChatGPT can’t kill indeed!

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