Beware of ChatGPT Scams on App Store and Google Play


ChatGPT, a popular generative AI system developed by Open AI, has captured the attention and curiosity of many users. While this technology may bring significant advancements in the future, it also carries a number of possible dangers to both users and the world. One of the most alarming potentials is the way it can be manipulated by malicious actors to make a profit. Scams have been seen popping up on the App Store and Google Play, and it’s important for users to be aware of how to spot and avoid them.

Open AI, a research center formed in December 2015 by tech billionaires including Elon Musk, is the company behind ChatGPT. At the helm of OpenAI is Sam Altman, a software engineer and investor who has contributed to a number of influential projects such as Y Combinator, a seed-stage startup accelerator. Altman has cited his greatest fear as the power and potential of AI for devastating results; he warns the technology could cause harm if it is released to the wrong individuals or used improperly.

ChatGPT scams range from fake downloadable content to fake services or accounts. Before downloading an app or purchasing a service related to ChatGPT, it is important to look for reviews from other users and research the company or individual from which it is being supplied. Be aware that scammers may use the buzz surrounding popular AI technology to create fraudulent offers that appear legitimate.

The safest way to make use of ChatGPT is to maintain an OpenAI account and access it through its official website. By staying critical and watching out for scams, users can use the technology responsibly and without risk of being taken advantage of.

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