Almosafer and ChatGPT Join Forces to Transform Mobile Booking in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s Almosafer, a travel company owned by Seera Group, has taken the initiative to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI powered chatbot, into its mobile booking platform. ChatGPT is a modern language model that leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate human-like conversation responses. This makes Almosafer the first travel company in the country to test the integration of AI in their customer services.

As part of the pilot project, a limited group of customers will have access to ChatGPT’s features such as talking to Khalid, Almosafer’s virtual travel consultant, using voice search in both English and Arabic. Additionally, Khalid will have more information to provide customers regarding their destinations of choice, and customers can make smarter decisions with more tailored responses from the AI chatbot.

Muzzammil Ahussain, CEO of Almosafer, expressed that their integration of AI in the mobile platform is a sign that they are dedicated to constantly enhance their digital services and stay ahead in technology. Through ChatGPT, Khalid has become a holistic travel advisor with the knowledge and skills necessary to give better customer service.

The trial phase is just the beginning of a further potential partnership between both companies which can help to enhance customer experiences with more opportunities. As Almosafer is a leading name in the travel industry, their collaboration with OpenAI is bound get recognition from different parts of the world.

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