AI Chip Collaboration between Broadcom and Bytedance in the Works, TSM to Manufacture – Market Growth Continues


Shares of Broadcom (AVGO) and ByteDance are in focus after reports emerged that the two tech companies are collaborating on developing advanced 5-nanometer AI chips. This partnership is a significant move as ByteDance has previously sourced 5-nanometer chips from Broadcom.

Insiders reveal that Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) is set to manufacture these cutting-edge chips for the companies. Importantly, the reports suggest that the chip production will not breach any current export restrictions.

While the chip development progress appears promising, sources indicate that the manufacturing process at Taiwan Semiconductor may not commence until next year. Despite this timeline, the ongoing strength of the AI chip market throughout 2024 indicates potential positive outcomes for AVGO and TSM stocks once production begins.

On the market front, AVGO shares are down 2.4%, with TSM stocks also experiencing a 3.6% decline as of Monday afternoon trading. This dip reflects a broader trend in the semiconductor sector and may present an opportunity for investors eyeing long-term growth prospects in the AI chip market.

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Overall, the collaboration between Broadcom and ByteDance in developing advanced AI chips underscores the continued momentum in the AI chip industry. As technological advancements drive innovation and market opportunities, stakeholders will be closely monitoring developments in this space for potential investment insights.

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Meera Mehta
Meera Mehta
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