AI and Gen AI: The Future of Work and the Imagination Gap


Deloitte’s latest edition of Global Human Capital Trends highlights the workforce conflict surrounding the integration of AI and technology in the future of work. While 70% of workers express a willingness to delegate tasks to AI to save time and increase creativity, concerns about job security persist. Deloitte’s study reveals that 28% of survey respondents are worried that technology will threaten their jobs.

The introduction of generative AI (Gen AI) is expected to shift the role of employees from ideation and creation to review and refinement. As organizations implement technologies like Gen AI, they must address the innovation gap. Deloitte’s report, Thriving Beyond Boundaries: Human Performance in a Boundaryless World, emphasizes the importance of balancing human skills with technological advancements.

According to the report, 71% of executives intend to use Gen AI to improve human skills like creativity and curiosity. However, only 9% of respondents are making meaningful progress towards achieving this balance. Deloitte suggests that organizations foster innovation through digital playgrounds, providing employees with the opportunity to explore new technologies and leverage their capabilities.

Art Mather, global human capital practice leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP, emphasizes the need to place humans back at the center of work. He states that no physical asset is more valuable to business performance than the human aspect. To achieve this, leaders should focus on how the organization benefits people rather than the other way around.

The rapid advancement of AI and Gen AI technologies presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations. Deloitte’s research highlights the significance of addressing the imagination gap and finding ways to support human skills while embracing technological innovations. Companies that successfully navigate these challenges are nearly twice as likely to achieve positive results.

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As the debate over the future of work continues, it is crucial for organizations to break down silos, foster collaboration, and prioritize human capabilities and outcomes. The Global Human Capital Trends study serves as a roadmap for organizations seeking to navigate the changing landscape and improve human performance.

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