Acceldata Unveils AI Technology for Customized Data Observability


Acceldata, the market leader in enterprise data observability, has introduced a groundbreaking AI technology that revolutionizes data management. The industry-first AI technology enables DataOps teams to deliver advanced, AI-assisted data observability that is tailored to their unique business context.

Unlike previous approaches to AI for Data Observability, which are black-box and lack customization, Acceldata’s technology allows enterprises to adapt AI for Data Observability to their specific technical environment and business scenarios. This includes incorporating desired guardrails to ensure that business context, regulatory requirements, and the balance between human oversight and AI autonomy are taken into consideration.

Rohit Choudhary, CEO and co-founder of Acceldata, emphasized the potential of Artificial Intelligence to transform enterprise data management. He stated that their innovative approach empowers enterprises to tailor AI-assisted data observability to their operational and business needs, setting them apart in the industry. To demonstrate this, Acceldata has launched an AI co-pilot that eliminates manual configuration, reduces setup time, enables automatic monitoring of data anomalies, and encourages collaboration from non-technical users.

The explosive adoption of AI has made modern enterprises more cautious about maintaining control over their AI models to ensure reliable performance. In response to this demand, Acceldata acquired Bewgle, an advanced artificial intelligence platform, and has introduced a new AI co-pilot to its All-in-One Enterprise Data Observability platform. This AI co-pilot offers numerous benefits, including improved data reliability, increased observation of changes and unknowns, and enhanced data trust.

According to Gartner, data observability driven by active metadata and AI/ML can improve the reliability of data and data ecosystems. This can lead to increased data trust and reliability for organizations. Acceldata’s AI capabilities position the company as a leader in the field of data management, providing teams with innovative technology to build and operate high-quality data products.

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As enterprises face a constant influx of data across industries, Acceldata’s comprehensive and customizable enterprise data observability solution becomes increasingly crucial for achieving success. With its industry-first AI capabilities, the company remains at the forefront of data management innovation, enabling teams to leverage the most advanced technology for their data-related endeavors.

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