Writing Nearly 100 Pieces with the Help of AI Generators Like ChatGPT


A science fiction author has taken creativity to a whole new level with the help of AI generators. Tim Boucher has managed to write and illustrate over 97 mini-novels in the past nine months with the use of artificial intelligence. He said that his goal was to bring together compelling AI world-building and dystopian pulp sci-fi, which has resulted in the creation of the “AI Lore books.”

To make this feat possible, the author utilized two AI chatbots, ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Claude, for text generation and brainstorming. He also used AI image generator Midjourney to bring their novels to life with 40 to 140 AI-generated images. Boucher was able to get these books written in a mere six to eight hours, with his fastest book done in little over three hours!

These achievements have not gone unnoticed as Boucher has made over $2,000 and sold over 500 copies of his works since August. He cleverly connected each book within his AI Lore series in order to draw readers in, making them buy multiple volumes in one sitting. This also allowed him to provide the books at a great price, with options ranging from $1.99 to $3.99.

By introducing artificial intelligence into his writing process, the science fiction author believes it has enhanced his creativity and allowed him to be far more productive. His story-worlds have been “brewing in [his] mind for years” and AI gives him the ability to get his stories out into the world rapidly. He also notes that while AI can be limited to long-form stories, this route allows him to silence this concern and use “flash” pieces instead.

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Certain AI-generated novels have caused controversy over the years, such as when Ammaar Reshi self-published the children’s book Alice and Sparkle in just 72 hours. However, Boucher is adamant that AI is simply a way to enhance human creativity, not replace it.

Tim Boucher has made his mark in the world of art and technology, showcasing how AI can have an influential, positive impact on the creative process. With the help of AI generators, he has managed to effectively turn his dreams into reality, and this won’t be the last we’ll see of him.

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