World Leaders Confide in Kamala Harris: Hope She and Biden Win Election, US


World leaders have expressed their hope for Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden to win the upcoming election, according to Harris herself. During a fundraiser in Piedmont, California, Harris revealed that she had been approached by counterparts from various countries who confided in her their desire for a Biden-Harris victory. Harris emphasized that these leaders were motivated by self-interest and recognized the significance of the United States’ future for their own nations.

Harris recounted her recent experience at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, where she engaged with world leaders who voiced their support for the Biden-Harris administration. She also shared how she was approached during her visit to the United Kingdom for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Global Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit. According to Harris, these encounters demonstrate the global interest in the United States’ democratic principles and the rule of law.

Despite polling suggesting a close race, Harris dismissed its importance and focused on the need for her and President Biden to make their case to the American people. She identified achievements such as lower drug prices, improved internet speed, and reduced lead pipes as compelling reasons for the public to reelect them. Harris stressed that their accomplishments are highly popular, and the campaign’s task is to remind voters of their achievements.

During her speech, Harris also acknowledged the candidacy of Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) in California’s Senate race, describing her as an extraordinary and courageous leader who serves as a conscience for the country.

In summary, Kamala Harris revealed that world leaders have expressed their support for her and President Biden’s reelection. Stressing the global importance of the United States’ future, Harris highlighted the need to remind voters of their accomplishments in order to win the election.

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