Vultr and Domino Data Lab Unite to Deliver AI and Machine Learning Performance Enhancement


Vultr and Domino Data Lab have announced their collaboration to provide businesses with access to AI and Machine Learning workload acceleration. Through this integration, companies are able to benefit from on-demand compute that assists in the development of artificial intelligence without incurring a budget overspend. Domino Data Lab’s MLOps platform and Vultr’s Kubernetes Engine enable users to burst their AI workloads to GPU-accelerated clusters across cloud and on-premises environments.

This integration brings Vultr and Domino’s previously announced agreement, computing power, and on-demand access to the forefront. The partnership provides businesses with NVIDIA A100 and H100 Tensor Core GPUs to facilitate the training, deployment, and management of their deep learning models with speed, flexibility and affordability. Both companies are members of the NVIDIA Partner Network program.

The shared solution enables greater innovation with balancing the cost, performance and availability of compute. Built with openness, Domino Nexus seeks to break down the data science silos while allowing access to the most cutting-edge AI technologies. In addition, this integration offers the opportunity for teams of any size to be able to leverage and make use of the platform.

Ultimately, this collaboration between Vultr and Domino Data Lab makes it easier for enterprises to utilize AI through their on-demand compute, GPU-accelerated clusters, and cost-conscious solutions. As businesses are continuously striving to gain a competitive advantage, this alliance is an invaluable avenue for harnessing the benefits of artificial intelligence.

About Vultr
Vultr is a cloud computing company which offers dedicated cloud servers, virtual private clouds, and block storage to customers worldwide. Additionally, they have a global footprint with over 20 different locations around the world, and provide customers with cost-effective and high-performance Linux and Windows cloud hosting solutions.

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About Domino Data Lab
Domino Data Lab is a provider of Enterprise MLOps, an ML platform unified around data and models which acts as the central core for ML work. Using Domino Data Lab, enterprises can create an end-to-end ML workflow which grants them access to the data, workflows, models and insights that are necessary for collaboration and accelerated AI and ML innovation.

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