Using ChatGPT in Governance, Risk, and Compliance


Practical ChatGPT Use Cases in GRC
The world’s most adopted artificial intelligence (AI) program, ChatGPT, has become a popular tool for users when it comes to text-based necessities such as software code, website copy, college-level essays, and even a birthday poem for Mom. Upon the launch of the AI software on November 30, 2022, it only took five days for the program to amass one million users, and within two months of being released, the program had one hundred million active users – a record-breaking adoption rate.

Though ChatGPT is a popular and exceedingly beneficial program, GRC professionals are proceeding with caution due to the delicate nature of their businesses. The issues that these professionals face range from potentially exposing sensitive confidential data to AI models to employees inadvertently using the intellectual property of another entity, putting the organization at risk for legal action. Those in the GRC industry must ensure that safeguards are in place prior to utilizing ChatGPT in order to feel secure in its use.

The global professional IT association known as ISACA has warned GRC teams to be mindful of the data that they share with the AI model as well as the datasets that are used to continuously train the model. However, once the safeguards that protect the organization are in place, there are numerous uses that GRC teams can find for ChatGPT that help streamline and improve their work.

One of the first organizations to implement ChatGPT in their GRC platform was The anecdotes Compliance OS. This security compliance product was the first to utilize ChatGPT to automate compliance processes, making automation easier and more efficient. This implementation has allowed GRC teams to free up time and resources, allowing them to focus on areas that require more human control – furthering the team’s security measures and allowing the company to run more smoothly.

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ChatGPT for GRC has been incredibly beneficial, and practitioners are rapidly discovering its immense value. By understanding the advantages of using ChatGPT in GRC and implementing the necessary safeguards to do so, GRC teams are in a position to drastically improve their internal processes and experience the ultimate benefit of ChatGPT.

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