Uniting Layer 1 Blockchain with AI Using Solana Labs’ ChatGPT Plugin


Solana Labs, the software firm behind a revolutionary blockchain-AI combo, recently launched their ChatGPT plugin, claiming it is the first layer 1 blockchain plugin to combine blockchain and artificial intelligence. The news has been well-received, and highlighted the rapid pace of the AI development as well as the added complexity of cybersecurity risk.

The plugin utilizes crypto application programming interfaces (APIs) and provides a text interface for identifying and classifying objects, such as NFT accounts. It can also help users construct and execute transactions on-chain. CEO Anatoly Yakovenko expressed his hopes that users will use the plugin to run smart contracts as it requires a relatively inexpensive machine interface to the chain.

Unfortunately, these exciting features have raised some serious concerns about security, with bad actors potentially exploiting the system and stealing personal data and money. These fears were highlighted in a recent report from Meta, and Guy Rosen, chief information security officer at Meta, likened ChatGPT to ‘the new crypto’, noting how some malware could exploit gaps in the system.

With these new risks associated with ChatGPT, both Solana Labs and users have to remain vigilant to ensure safety and peace of mind. It’s a step forward for the industry, but to ensure that breakthroughs in AI come with no cost to security, greater awareness and collaboration are needed.

Solana Labs is a software company aimed at revolutionizing blockchain technology. With the goal of expanding blockchain capability to a global scale, they focus on de-centralization and bring together communities to build scale and real world applications. The Solana Foundation was established to support the development of the Solana ecosystem, and provides users with educational guidance and resources for those wanting to learn how to join the mission.

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Anatoly Yakovenko is the CEO of Solana Labs, and a graduate of the University of New Haven. Yakovenko has a wealth of experience in both scientific and engineering roles, and has worked with leaders in the tech industry such as Salesforce and Qualcomm. Yakovenko has extensive experience in both cloud computing and cryptography, and leverages his expertise to drive forward Solana Labs’ mission.

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