The Enduring Presence of Fake Drake


This week on Have a Nice Future, hosts Gideon Lichfield and Lauren Goode interview Puja Patel, editor-in-chief of Pitchfork and co-host of The Pitchfork Review podcast, about the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) changing the way we listen to and create music. As an introductory quiz, the hosts asked the audience whether they can differentiate between human artists and AI-generated imposters.

With AI becoming increasingly involved in the music industry, there are now artificial performers being generated through complex algorithms. AI-generated music is extremely popular on the streaming music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, while non-generated AI algorithms are being used to classify new songs and determine the sounds people want to hear. As AI takes over our music feeds, musicians are finding creative ways to use it to generate unique sounds.

The team at Pitchfork has written on the topic of AI in music extensively, covering everything from how musicians are creatively harnessing generative AI to the AI-generated music flooding streaming platforms. They have even explored the bots that are currently listening to AI-created songs.

Puja Patel serves as an editor-in-chief at Pitchfork and the co-hosted of The Pitchfork Review podcast. Patel brings a wealth of industry experience to the conversation, having worked at prominent music media outlets such as SPIN, Rolling Stone, and MTV News. In her spare time, she maintains a weekly Spotify playlist and can often be found at music festivals.

Have a Nice Future podcast provides people with audacious ideas about the future and the implications of those ideas. The podcast can be found on a number of platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Android, and Spotify. It is also available on the website Have a Nice Future, where the hosts discuss a variety of topics from AI, health, privacy, and more.

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