The Cost of Digital Innovation During the Pandemic: App Security and the Cisco AppDynamics Report


Cisco AppDynamics has identified a major challenge for app security in a report spurred by the need for rapid digital innovation during the pandemic. The research surveyed IT professionals around the world, finding that 92% experienced a drop in security during the switch to hybrid work environments, and 89% that their organizations are now facing an expanded attack surface.

IT security leaders are playing whack-a-mole with intrusion detection, and lack the resources and capabilities to properly secure applications. This has prompted a need for a more proactive security model that supports the rapid development cycle while keeping data and businesses safe.

Regrettably, the IT teams are often in silos, as development teams prioritize speed over security, and lack of communication on the point of crossover can leave teams in security limbo. Cisco AppDynamics suggest a need for a DevSecOps approach, where security, development, and operational teams are collaborating, and have the tools to do so effectively.

This could involve establishing a security mindset for developers where security is integrated from the start of the development cycle, while taking advantage of security innovations and contributions. In a world of ever-growing applications, visibility into the application stack is essential to identify and address security risks.

Cisco AppDynamics is a company providing a platform that makes it easier to keep applications running, monitor availability and performance, while relying on machine learning and analytics. Their software aims to help reduce waste in operations and improve customer satisfaction, while offering improved visibility into problem management for organizations of all sizes.

Gregg Ostrowski is the CTO Adviser of Cisco AppDynamics, and has over 25 years of experience in technology and software development. Ostrowski holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Union College, and is an expert in application development, AI and the cloud. Ostrowski has been advising Cisco AppDynamics since 2020, and together they are working to encourage a culture of collaboration and security mindset amongst teams.

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