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Beware: AI Scammers Targeting Victims on Social Media & Dating Apps

Protect yourself from AI scammers on social media and dating apps. Stay cautious, verify identities, and don't share personal or financial info.

Google Sues Scammers Offering Malware-Laden ‘Bard’ AI Software, Vietnam

Google sues scammers peddling malware-laden 'Bard' AI software, protecting users and preventing future AI scams. Learn more now!

Google Files Lawsuit Over Fake Bard Ads Spreading Malware

Google fights back against scammers exploiting Bard AI ads, filing a lawsuit to safeguard its AI product and protect users from malware.

Google Sues Scammers for AI Chatbot Bard Malware Scam, US

Google takes legal action against scammers in the AI chatbot Bard malware scam, highlighting the need to address legal challenges in the expanding AI landscape. Learn more.

Beware of Scammers Targeting 3M Combat Arms Earplug Settlement Claimants, U.S. District Court Warns

Beware of scammers targeting 3M Combat Arms Earplug settlement claimants, U.S. District Court warns. Protect personal info & report suspicious activity.


OpenAI’s Chatbot Has Epic Meltdown Speaking Spanglish – AI Crisis Unfolds

OpenAI's Chatbot experiences an epic meltdown speaking Spanglish, sparking an AI crisis online. Discover the bizarre incident and OpenAI's response.

AI Tool Sora Raises Industry Concerns: Are Content Creators Next?

AI tool Sora raises industry concerns as YouTubers split over OpenAI's latest video tool. Are content creators next in line for disruption?

YouTubers Fear for Future as OpenAI’s Video Tool Sora Sparks Controversy

Explore how openAI's Sora is causing a stir among YouTubers, sparking debates on AI's role in the future of content creation.

Sam Altman’s Rise: Confronting Humanity’s Soul Sickness in Silicon Valley

Discover Sam Altman's journey in confronting humanity's soul sickness in Silicon Valley. Learn the main points of this thought-provoking article here.