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Grid Dynamics Earns Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization for AI and Machine Learning, Expanding Client Value and Accelerating AI Initiatives

Grid Dynamics achieves AI and Machine Learning Advanced Specialization on Microsoft Azure, solidifying their leadership in digital transformation.

Glassbox Unveils Secure GenAI Solution with Microsoft Azure, Accelerating Access to Digital Insights, Israel

Glassbox unveils GIA, its new AI assistant, in partnership with Microsoft Azure, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy.

Coforge Partners with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service for Generative AI Adoption in Enterprises, India

Coforge partners with Microsoft Azure to bring generative AI solutions to enterprises, aiming to streamline processes and enable creative problem-solving at scale.

Microsoft and chipmakers unite for AI dominance, combining cloud and PC power

Microsoft and chipmakers unite to combine cloud and PC power for AI dominance. A hybrid approach aims to bring the best AI experiences to users.

Air India Launches AI Virtual Agent ‘Maharaja’ to Revolutionize Customer Service

Discover Air India's innovative AI virtual agent Maharaja, delivering exceptional customer service and handling over half a million queries


Google Launches Gemma AI Models With Nvidia Partnership

Discover Google's Gemma AI models, developed in partnership with Nvidia, to support responsible AI application building.

Unlocking AI Potential: Business Transformation at the Digital Summit

Unlock AI potential for business transformation at the Digital Summit. Learn how AI can drive innovation and growth in your organization.

Intel Secures Microsoft as Customer for Custom Chip Business

Intel secures Microsoft as a customer for custom chip business, enhancing data center operations and solidifying market position.

Malaysia to Adopt Japan’s AI Technology for Flood Management

Malaysia to adopt Japan's AI technology for flood management, implementing innovative strategies for comprehensive disaster risk reduction.