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OpenAI’s GPT Store Struggles to Enforce Ban on AI Girlfriends

Discover the challenges OpenAI faces in banning AI girlfriends from their GPT Store, raising questions about the impact on companionship and technology's role. #OpenAI #AIgirlfriends

OpenAI’s GPT Store Flooded with Virtual Girlfriends, Contradicting Usage Policies

OpenAI's GPT Store flooded with virtual girlfriends, contradicting usage policies - ethical concerns & risks of AI romance.

Controversy Erupts as Users Sell AI Girlfriend Bots on OpenAI’s GPT Store

Controversy surrounds OpenAI's GPT Store as AI girlfriend bots challenge ethical boundaries. Will OpenAI enforce its policies?

OpenAI’s GPT Store Flooded with AI Girlfriend Bots, Violating Usage Policy

Discover OpenAI's GPT Store flood of AI girlfriend bots and the violation of usage policy. Take action to maintain platform integrity. Learn more.

OpenAI Launches GPT Store, Monetizing Language Model Technology and Transforming Businesses

OpenAI launches GPT Store, monetizing language model technology and transforming businesses – but what are the potential societal implications? Find out more.


Unlocking AI Potential: Business Transformation at the Digital Summit

Unlock AI potential for business transformation at the Digital Summit. Learn how AI can drive innovation and growth in your organization.

Intel Secures Microsoft as Customer for Custom Chip Business

Intel secures Microsoft as a customer for custom chip business, enhancing data center operations and solidifying market position.

Malaysia to Adopt Japan’s AI Technology for Flood Management

Malaysia to adopt Japan's AI technology for flood management, implementing innovative strategies for comprehensive disaster risk reduction.

ChatGPT AI Malfunction Sparks Privacy Concerns

ChatGPT AI malfunction sparks privacy concerns as users report erratic behavior and confusing responses. OpenAI investigates the issue.