Survey Reveals Students Opting for ChatGPT Over Human Tutors

Date: recently conducted a survey report assessing the effectiveness of tutors versus ChatGPT for students and parents. The survey was conducted with 3,017 high school or college students, 3,234 parents of younger students, and a combined 801 students and parents in the United States. Results showed that 85% of the surveyed students who studied with both a tutor and ChatGPT, as well as 96% of the surveyed parents felt that ChatGPT was more effective in helping their children academically. In addition, 39% of the students and 30% of the parents surveyed felt that they had fully replaced their tutoring sessions with ChatGPT.

The survey also highlighted that 95% of the students and the parents who had studied with ChatGPT stated that their or their children’s grades had improved and the most common subjects of study were mathematics and “hard” sciences such as chemistry and biology. is a trusted resource of rankings and higher education resources for college students. The website provides user-friendly guides about the best degree programs, financial aid, internships, and study strategies. Additionally, provides reliable information and advice for college-goers in order to help them make informed decisions about higher education.

The survey was conducted by Pollfish, a survey platform, and carried out from May 2 to 10, 2023. All 801 participants that completed the full surveys in the United States should be commended for participating in the survey. For the complete report, please visit With the results of the survey, it is clear that ChatGPT is an effective tool for educational purposes and it is likely to become more popular in assisting students.

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