Surprising Results After Trying the AI Novel-Writing Tool Everyone Hates


Recently, I decided to try out a novel-writing tool created by the AI company Sudowrite. AI-driven writing is a tricky business, and many people have voiced their opinion that Sudowrite’s tool was a case of hype overwhelmed by results. Despite these murmurs of discontent, I decided to give their tool a try over the weekend and I’m happy to say that my expectations were pleasantly exceeded.

I didn’t intend to write a full novel in a couple of days with Sudowrite. However, the AI text generator was able to produce an impressive novella titled The Electric Sea – which I was pleasantly surprised to learn was suggested by the AI itself. The whole novella is now available to read in its entirety on Tumblr.

As an amateur fiction writer, I write somewhere north of 150,000 words of unpublished fiction every year. Sudowrite’s sales pitch of helping writers to ‘beat writer’s block’ isn’t particularly appealing to me. Despite this, I am still incredibly interested in testing the capabilities of language models and have followed projects like NaNoGenMo (which aimed for an AI-generated novel) with great interest. Last weekend I took the plunge and purchased Sudowrite’s 90,000 words of output – and 24 hours later I was reading through the completed novella.

Sudowrite is a company that specialises in AI and machine learning, they create products and services to simplify and automate basic tasks. They have a team of experienced experts with a range of backgrounds and specialize in languages, user experience design, natural language processing and data science.

The CEO of the company, Diego Zavala, is an entrepreneur and software engineer with a great passion for artificial intelligence and data engineering. He has extensive experience in designing and developing AI applications, leading small teams and scaling products from concept to execution. Over the past 15 years he has researched and worked in several startups in the digital domain, specializing in machine learning and natural language processing. In 2018 he founded Sudowrite to bring more advanced AI capabilities into the writing arena.

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