Strange Crowd Behavior and Questionable Catering: Unpacking the Weirdness at Robbie Williams’ Mission Winery Gig


Strange Crowd Behavior and Questionable Catering: Unpacking the Weirdness at Robbie Williams’ Mission Winery Gig

Robbie Williams’ recent concert at Mission Estate has left attendees and fans with a mix of strange crowd behavior and questionable catering choices. The event, which drew in a crowd of predominantly middle-class boomers, showcased the enduring popularity of the Angels singer.

Before the concert even began, concert-goers were in search of sustenance from the various food trucks scattered throughout the venue. However, what they received was far from what they expected. Newshub broadcaster Lloyd Burr took to social media to express his surprise and dismay at the literal interpretation of the menu item popcorn chicken. The dish he received was a bizarre and surrealist rendition, resembling something out of an avant-garde art installation rather than a delicious snack.

Despite the unconventional appearance, Burr defended the dish’s affordability, stating, $10. Bargain! It seems that humor played a role in its creation, with the food truck cook or catering company demonstrating a quirky sense of creativity. Nonetheless, attendees were left scratching their heads at the unconventional take on a classic favorite.

Another viral video captured what has been fondly referred to as the boomer run. This moment occurs when Robbie Williams fans are unleashed to secure the best spots for the show and eagerly mark their territory with Citta towels. The video showcases a frenzy of fans sprinting towards the field, reminiscent of scenes from films like 28 Days Later. Their determination to claim a prime sunset spot is evident as they stumble over deck chairs and race towards the stage, motivated by the hope of reliving the glory days of the late 90s.

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The concert itself was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many attendees, with Robbie Williams serenading the crowd with his timeless hits. The atmosphere was festive, imbued with the aroma of Kim Crawford wine and a hint of citronella to keep the bugs at bay. It was an idyllic Hawke’s Bay evening, and fans reveled in the opportunity to bask in the music of their youth.

While the event may have had its share of peculiar moments, it ultimately provided attendees with an unforgettable experience. Robbie Williams, still commanding a devoted following, showcased his talent and entertained the crowd with his charismatic performance. The combination of strange crowd behavior and quirky catering choices only added to the unique atmosphere of the Mission Winery gig.

In the end, the event served as a reminder that music has the power to transcend time, bringing people together to revel in shared memories and relive the magic of bygone eras. Despite the weirdness, Robbie Williams’ Mission Winery gig was a success and left attendees with a night unlike any other.

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