S&P 500 has Bottomed with Positive Gains Expected: Perfect Track Record Indicates


The S&P 500 is gaining more than 9% this year, recovering from last year’s 18% drop. Analysts at Bespoke Investment Group recently highlighted a technical indicator that suggests the S&P 500 should be continuing this growth trend in the coming year.

The 200-day moving average for the S&P 500 hit its lowest level last March at 3,931.05, and since then it has moved 1% above that level. Bespoke has said that this indicator usually reflects a shift in the longer-term trend of the market. Despite some potential obstacles like a recession and more rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, the 200-DMA could lead to some large-cap US stocks gaining 18.2% from its low over a period of a year.

Bespoke Investment Group is a research provider and financial consulting firm that manages more than $17 billion in equity and fixed income assets. Founded in 2007, this professional services provider is based out of Harrison, NY and has a team of more than 150 experts providing a wide range of financial services, including virtual client events and customized trading strategies. The company’s founder and CEO, Paul Hickey, is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in the financial services sector, focusing on areas such as global macro and quantitative research. He is a regular contributor to media outlets like CNBC, Forbes, and Bloomberg, and was once named one of America’s Brightest Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Esquire Magazine.

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