Solana Incorporates AI Through ChatGPT into its First Layer Blockchain


The Solana Foundation recently announced the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Solana blockchain through the integration of the ChatGPT plugin. This integration marks a major milestone in the development of the Solana blockchain, demonstrating its potential to further extend the network’s data, protocols, computing architecture, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Solana is the first Layer 1 blockchain to incorporate the ChatGPT plugin, making the integration available on Github for download. The plugin’s features facilitate various operations, such as the purchase of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and token transfers. It also grants users the ability to launch a set of AI-based applications and experiences into the Solana environment.

The Solana Foundation is an open-source platform and research-based company, led by CEO Anatoly Yakovenko. Its mission is to create an innovative public blockchain infrastructure that can secure and sustain the growth of the global digital economy.

As part of that mission, the Foundation focuses on developing innovative decentralized solutions, such as the ChatGPT plugin, for its blockchain platform, as well as actively engaging with the world’s leading technology and finance companies to further the development of DeFi. Ultimately, the Solana Foundation seeks to extend the usage and potential of its blockchain and increase its global reach further, by empowering developers and users with the tools to make it easier, faster, and more secure.

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