Sequoia India Leads $5.2M Investment in AI-Driven Video Content Platform


Consumers want to engage with video content, and modern advancements in generation AI have enabled businesses of all sizes to customize videos to match their customers’ needs. San Francisco-based startup is at the cutting edge of this technology, recently receiving $5.2 million in funding from Sequoia Capital India’s Surge program.’s solution uses AI to create personalized videos powered by a script and keywords. Users are able to create videos with the click of a button and link them to other elements such as shopping and payment via platforms like Shopify, Calendly, Stripe, Hubspot and Salesforce.

The startup has over 200 customers, including big names such as Samsung, Zomato, Vivo and Mobile Premier League, since its inception in 2021. It generates revenue by charging fees based on the number of videos created. are not the only company pushing the boundaries of video generation. Runway AI has also recently raised $50 million in December and achieved a $500 million valuation. Synthesia and Hourone are two other startups working on synthetic avatar videos.’s Founder and CEO Suvrat Bhooshan previously worked at Facebook AI Research (FAIR). He believes people are eager to test new innovations that have a direct impact on revenue. With the proceeds from its latest round of funding, the company plans to increase its R&D efforts and expand its US marketing team.

In addition, it will be looking to add more consumer brands to its userbase. By making the process of creating personalized videos faster and easier, is providing businesses of all sizes with a valuable service to help them reach wider audiences and increase their profits.

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